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Provide a unified voice for the profession of wilderness guiding while maintaining the highest professional, educational, and stewardship standards, for the conservation of remote woods and waters.

The Maine Wilderness Guides Organization is an association of Registered Maine Guides and Sporting Camp/Lodge owners who are committed to protecting the habitat we guide in; for our profession, our clients, and for the fish and game we pursue. Our membership is composed of a diverse selection of professional guides who are committed to providing safe, educational, and meaningful outdoor experiences for our guests. MWGO guides have made a commitment to maintain qualifications and standards higher than those required by the state. MWGO is the leading organization offering guide training and development opportunities for the professional guide and those preparing to take the Maine Guide exam.

MWGO also promotes people (and animal) powered backcountry areas and trails large enough for extended trips. These large scale backcountry areas are also good habitat for the fish and game we pursue or simply enjoy watching. Good wildlife habitat is good guide habitat.

Not all Registered Maine Guides are members of MWGO. To be a member of MWGO in good standing guides are obligated to adhere to the MWGO code of ethics. The Registered Maine Guides listed in the search directory are members in good standing.

MWGO is an active advocate in the areas of fish and wildlife conservation and quiet backcountry recreation areas. We also monitor the legislative agenda and the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife about matters that are of importance to Maine Guides.

For an extensive listing of activities guided, names of guides/outfitters/camps or to search by geographic region go to Find a Guide.

For more information about Registered Maine Guides licensing process, categories, or qualifications and standards go to Maine Guide-Classification/Standards or go to IF&W website.


  • Respect the land and the landowners.
  • Provide the safest possible trips for our guests, with quality equipment and instruction.
  • Obey all fishing, hunting, boating, and camping laws and regulations.
  • Serve as a role model; assist/help authorities, outdoorsmen/women in need.
  • Strive to maintain guiding skills and standards which are above those required by the state.
  • Educate others about natural resource issues, stewardship, and the importance of conservation


In 2004 a group of conservation minded wilderness guides and sporting camp owners began meeting to discuss ways to protect the remote areas we depend on for our business. It quickly became apparent that no one was representing our interests and concerns so we decided to form the Maine Wilderness Guides Organization. We are a respected membership organization with a strong advocacy voice for the needs of wilderness guides and the conservation and restoration of remote places required for their profession. Through cooperation with landowners and land managers, both public and private, MWGO is striving to establish a reputation of inclusiveness and integrity. Many of our individual programs are already nationally, and internationally, recognized as models for high standards of education, instruction and quality wilderness experiences. We are primarily, but not exclusively, engaged in people-powered trips, fishing for wild populations of native fish, and “heritage hunting”. We require areas large enough for multi-day, non-motorized trips, areas that support wild populations of fish and game that are not readily accessible by motorized transportation. We are not against motorized forms of recreation. We believe that the Maine Woods is a big place; providing areas of non-motorized wilderness experiences is in the best interest of every outdoor enthusiast. We are committed to sharing that experience with those who cherish the outdoors. We encourage any guide who is concerned about the development pressure on Maine's North Woods to join our organization. Professional Guides will also be interested in our ongoing Guide Training opportunities designed to help guides maintain and improve their skills in a variety of specific areas. However, you do not have to be a guide to join. Any sportsman / sportswoman or outdoor enthusiast who shares our vision for a wild undeveloped Maine woods, with public access for traditional outdoor pursuits, may join as a supporting member.

*Heritage hunting is defined as the way your grandpa did, on foot in remote areas without the use of any hi-tech aids.

Maine Wilderness Guides Organization, Augusta, Maine


126 Western Avenue #155
Augusta, Maine 04330