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Our mission is to provide a unified voice for the profession of wilderness guiding while maintaining the highest professional, educational, and stewardship standards, for the conservation of remote woods and waters.

Over 100 years ago, on March 19, 1897, Maine was the first state in the nation to set minimum standards that required outdoor guides to be registered. For over 100 years before that, Native Penobscot guides took adventurers and surveyors into Maine’s North Woods. Since then, Maine Guides have been fortunate to guide not only in Maine but in northern Canada and Alaska, and being a Registered Maine Guide is synonymous with professionalism and competence. Maine Guides truly have a national reputation.

The Maine Wilderness Guides Organization is an association of Registered Maine Guides and Sporting Camp/Lodge owners and their supporters. As an organization we are committed to protecting the habitat in which we guide in, for our profession, our clients, and for the fish and game we pursue, and for future generations. Our membership is composed of a diverse selection of professional guides who are committed to providing safe, educational, and meaningful outdoor experiences for our guests. MWGO is the leading organization in offering guide training and development opportunities for the professional guide and those preparing to take the Maine Guide exam. All MWGO guides have made a commitment to maintain qualifications and standards higher than those required by the state. MWGO guides also work with the State of Maine in order to help identify issues that are detrimental to the wellbeing of the forests, waters, and mountains in which they live and work. MWGO also promotes non-motorized backcountry areas and trails large enough for extended trips. These large scale backcountry areas are also good habitat for the fish and game we pursue or simply enjoy watching. Good wildlife habitat is good guide habitat. MWGO is an active advocate in the areas of fish and wildlife conservation and quiet backcountry recreation areas. We also monitor the legislative agenda and the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife about matters that are of importance to Maine Guides.For more information about Registered Maine Guides licensing process, categories, or qualifications and standards go to Maine Guide-Classification/Standards or go to the IF&W website.

Not all Registered Maine Guides are members MWGO. To be a member of MWGO in good standing, guides are obligated to adhere to the MWGO code of ethics. The Registered Maine Guides listed in the search directory are members in good standing. CODE OF ETHICS

  • Respect the land and the landowners.
  • Provide the safest possible trips for our guests, with quality equipment and instruction.
  • Obey all fishing, hunting, boating, and camping laws and regulations.
  • Assist/help authorities, outdoorsmen/women in need.
  • Strive to maintain guiding skills and standards which are above those required by the state.
  • Educate others about natural resource issues, stewardship, and the importance of conservation.



The Maine Wilderness Guides Organization was formed by a group of conservation minded guides and camp owners who want to protect the habitat we rely upon for our guiding and to maintain the traditional skills and knowledge of the Maine Guides. And to protect the reputation of the Registered Maine Guide by making a commitment to maintain a higher standard of training and a higher level of first aid knowledge than what is required by the State of Maine.

Our membership is composed of professional guides from all over the state and country who are committed to maintaining and improving their skills to provide our clients with safe, meaningful, and enjoyable outdoor experiences. Just as Maine was the leader in registering its guides, MWGO is striving to be the leader for guide training and development opportunities to uphold the national reputation of a “Maine Guide.”

Anyone looking for a skilled professional guide should go to the “Find a Guide” category. Here you’ll find a comprehensive listing of guides who are truly the best in the business.

Have the greatest time on your next outdoor adventure in Maine with a Registered Maine Guide.

Maine Wilderness Guides Organization, Augusta, Maine


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Augusta, Maine 04330